Watch Video: CR official's daring act saves girl's life at Lonavala station

Feb 14, 2017, 12:15 IST | Shashank Rao

A college student from Pune was saved by a railway official at Lonavala station after she alighted from a moving train. Her legs were flung into the air, but an alert AK Nigam pulled her to safety

A CCTV grab of the video

On February 12, the General Manager of Central Railway DK Sharma was busy inspecting Lonavala station and its surrounding areas. It was during this inspection that a girl's life was saved at the station premises. The incident was captured in the CCTV video recorder.

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The college student K Ansari from Pune, studying in First Year of BBA, decided to alight from a moving train at Lonavala station. "It was around 11.40 am and we were standing on the platform waiting to catch a train for Mumbai when Koyna Express entered. I saw this girl leaning out of the moving train, putting her leg out while the man on the footboard gave way to her," said AK Nigam, Assistant Security Commissioner (Mumbai), Central Railway.

Within matter of seconds both her legs were flung out in air and she was trying to alight the wrong way against the train's direction. She barely could hold the rod and soon she lost grip. Immediately, 57-year-old Nigam jumped to save this girl, whose one leg was in the gap between the train and platform, and she was inching further inside. Soon after, other rail officials standing there on the platform too jumped and pulled out the young girl.

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