Virat Kohli's hot on and off the field

Jul 30, 2013, 23:33 IST | Gauri Pradhan

The in-form cricketer opens up to CS about his aggressive streak on the field and off field activities...

Cricketer Virat Kohli is someone who’s hot on the field and off it as well. This Indian cricketer is on his way to become one of India’s greatest players ever. CS caught up with one of India’s rising stars:

Hot and cold
I am aggressive when it comes to my game and a certain amount of aggression is required on the field. Moreover, any international sport is extremely competitive and things do get pretty intense on the field. I am very competitive by nature. However, off the field if I know that something will annoy me I try and ignore it as much as possible. That’s my mantra.

Teen idol
It’s an honour that young people look upto you and your achievements. But then, there’s an added responsibility. When you have someone who looks up to you and wants to follow your footsteps, somewhere you do become responsible for your actions.

Gaming vs on field action
There are days when all I want to do is spend time playing games on my console. Virtual gaming is for fun, when you want to de-stress. The high of playing for your country is something else altogether. Being there, right in the middle hearing thousands of fans screaming and cheering for you gives you a rush like no other.

Time to chill
Music is my biggest stress-buster. I listen to a lot of music in between breaks, like in the dressing room or during a lunch break. I carry my favourite songs with me wherever I go. Otherwise, watching a film or reading a good book also helps me de-stress.

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