Virgin Blue flight drama: Drunk passenger arrested for triggering hijack alert

Apr 25, 2014, 13:23 IST | Agencies

A Virgin Blue passenger plane landed at Bali airport today after a suspected hijacking, an Indonesian air force spokesman said

Jakarta: A drunk passenger on a Virgin Australia plane was arrested at Bali airport after triggering a hijack alert when he attempted to enter the cockpit, airline and Indonesian officials said today.

"This is no hijacking, this is a miscommunication," said Heru Sudjatmiko, a Virgin Australia official on the Indonesian resort island.

"What happened was there was a drunk person... too much alcohol consumption caused him to act aggressively." National police spokesman Suhardi Alius said the passenger had been arrested over the incident.

Virgin Blue airplane
Virgin airplane. Pic/AFP

When the plane landed, the Indonesian officials suspected that it has been hijacked.

"We got information that a 737-800 from Brisbane to Bali has been hijacked," spokesman Hadi Tjahjanto told MetroTV television station.

"The pilot indicated that the plane has been hijacked," senior transport ministry official said. But spokespersons for Virgin have been quoted as denying reports of a hijack; they say a drunken passenger tried to enter the cockpit.

The passenger has been arrested at Bali airport after the alleged hijacking alert, airline and Indonesian officials said.

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