New web series deals with a girl's quest to lose her virginity

Sep 04, 2017, 08:18 IST | Shunashir Sen

A new show releasing today deals with the trials of a girl on a mission to have sex with her boyfriend

A poster for Virgin Woman Diaries
A poster for Virgin Woman Diaries

There are so many rapes in this country every day that the newspapers would have no space to report anything else if they were to account for each and every one of them. Add to that cases of sexual harassment, molestation and eve-teasing - a word that doesn't even exist outside of India - and you get the dismal picture. All this, of course, puts immense pressure on women to conform to the roles that our society ascribes to them. That's the issue Kabir Sadanand, the writer and director of Virgin Woman Diaries, tries to address in the web series being launched today.

Kabir Sadanand, the writer and director of the web series
Kabir Sadanand, the writer and director of the web series

"We come from the land of The Kama Sutra. Vatsayana was the dude who told the whole world how to do it. But in our country, we're like, 'Is he even real?' As a society, we have gone inward rather than outward. We celebrate devis, but in our homes, when will mothers start pulling up their sons for not respecting women?" Sadanand asks, adding, "I'm not trying to say we should ape the West, but that we should go back to who we origin-ally were."

The slice-of-life romcom deals with the frustrations that Kiara, the central character, faces when she turns 18. She has fallen in love and is on a mission to lose her virginity. But her mother will have none of it. This, even when Kiara is an adult living on her own. "You can cut the home cord, but in India, people can't cut the umbilical cord until they are married," Sadanand explains.

Thankfully, Kiara's father is progressive. Moreover, the intrinsic nature of the boy she has fallen in love with is to respect women (which means that we could do with more of him on our streets). Nonetheless, the mindset of her mother - an NRI who left the country decades ago but is more Indian than most Indians - remains an obstacle.

"Kiara is a sensible girl and she had promised her mother that she would do everything as asked to till she turns 18. But now she has turned 18. So what happens?" Sadanand says, giving us a teaser of what to expect from Virgin Woman Diaries.

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