Vishal Dadlani, Honey Singh taking potshots at each other

Jul 01, 2013, 08:41 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Vishal Dadlani and Honey Singh are creating a din and it is not exactly sweet music to the ears

The melody is instead leaving some jarred notes. Vishal (of the Vishal-Shekhar music duo) and the rapper apparently are heading towards a showdown.

Vishal Dadlani Honey Singh
Vishal Dadlani and Honey Singh

Vishal recently stated on his micro-blogging site, “It’s hilarious and pathetic, how desperately this tacky rape-rapper is trying to ride on the fame of @iamsrk and #ChennaiExpress. Poor guy.” What prompted Vishal to make this statement was Honey’s claims that Shah Rukh Khan had approached him to compose a track in his upcoming production. The film’s music is by Vishal-Shekhar.

Says a source, “After hearing about Honey’s claims, Vishal checked with director Rohit Shetty who told him there was no such plan. Hearing this Vishal took to his social media site to vent his ire.” Earlier, Vishal had chided a contestant on a music reality show for kids for singing Honey’s song. Vishal, who features as a judge on the show along with Shekhar and Shreya Ghoshal, had told the youngster not to sing the song. He felt Honey’s track had sexual overtures and was not appropriate for kids.

Honey is presently in the US but a source close to him maintains, “He had met Shah Rukh Khan and the idea of having a special song in the film was discussed. He has also been wondering why Vishal has been taking potshots at his kind of music. Vishal has done a Sheila Ki Jawaani too.”

While Vishal maintains, “I haven’t mentioned this chap on twitter. I said that there was a publicity blitz by some pathetic desperate ‘rape rapper’ who was trying to ride the fame of SRK and the film. Meanwhile this gentlemen has not sung or performed any song in the film. SRK and Rohit have confirmed this.” Honey had earlier landed in a soup when a song about rape was credited to him. He had later however clarified that he had neither sung it nor was he in any way connected with it.

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