Vivek Oberoi's mother-in-law accused of cheating cab firm

Sep 23, 2011, 07:10 IST | Imran Gowhar

Nandini Alva allegedly refused to pay Rs 17 lakh for vehicles engaged to ferry guests during her daughter's wedding

Nandini Alva allegedly refused to pay Rs 17 lakh for vehicles engaged to ferry guests during her daughter's wedding
Almost a year after Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi's marriage to Priyanka, his mother-in-law Nandini Alva has been accused of denying a travel agency payment of Rs 17 lakh for services provided during her daughter's wedding.

Famous dancer Nandini had engaged the services of city-based CabsIndia from October 24 to October 29 after paying an advance of Rs 3 lakh.

Vivek Oberoi and wife Priyanka on their wedding day in the city last
year. His mother-in-law Nandini Alva has been accused of
holding back payment to a travel agency

The cabs were used to ferry Nandini's guests to and from the airport and to take them around the city for shopping.

Several months post the wedding, Nandini allegedly failed to follow up with the agency or contact them to clear her dues. The company initially sent her reminders, but to no avail.

Drastic measures
After she failed to respond to the company's several reminders, they opted to take the legal route and filed a complaint with the jurisdictional S R Nagar police station.

The officer who took up the complaint did not initiate any action since the case was civil in nature.

"Since the complaint is of breach of agreement, we have asked the complainant to take it further through the courts," said Ramamurthy, inspector, SR Nagar police station.

Following the advice, the company got a legal notice issued through their advocate, warning to file a civil suit against Nandini if the pending bills were not cleared immediately.

On record

Based on the notice, Nandini agreed to settle her dues and recently issued a cheque in the name of the company.

According to the police she disputed the travel agencies claim saying that they were trying to cheat her by billing her an exorbitant amount through fake records.

However, company officials said that they have proper records on the number of cabs used during the period their services were engaged, including details of kilometers covered and destinations of Nandini's guests.

The company said that they would submit all documents and records for scrutiny without fear, and copies of the same are currently in possession of MiD DAY.

When attempts were made to contact Nandini, she was unavailable for comment, but her office denied any such delay in payment.

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