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Oct 15, 2014, 06:10 IST | Sukhada Thakar

The state Assembly Elections will be conducted across Maharashtra today. the guide speaks to students across the city for their expectations from the new government

Sukhada Thakar  Traffic management is a necessity of our times. Flyovers should be built to control the traffic in the city. Parking issues are a major problem, so proper parking spaces should be allotted from which people will not face problems in parking. Public transport should be improved. The Metro should be introduced in the city by the upcoming government. Security for women should be boosted and better employment opportunities should be given to youngsters. People should feel safe living in the city.
- Sukhada Thakar, MCA at IMCC

Indian Flag

Akshay Mehta  There should be overall development across fields such as better public transport. Metro services should be started in all cities. Infrastructure should be developed systematically. As a student, I hope educational loans should be given easily. Trees should be planted across empty spaces to ensure greenery and it will also help to reduce pollution. There should be Wi-fi zones across areas in Pune.
- Akshay Mehta, student of Bachelor of Business Management, MIT

Shrikant Ghosalkar  Women’s empowerment and employment to all should be focussed on. The quality of education should be improved. Sports education and promoting young talents in sports should be given priority. The governance should be transparent. Road development and water problems should be solved. Electricity is the main issue in the city so I hope it is resolved by the upcoming government.
- Shrikant Ghosalkar, student of MBA, Indsearch College

Nikhil Joshi  There should be proper roads and infrastructure, better education system, inflation should be curbed and overall safety issues should be looked into. In the city, most areas face frequent power cuts, plans should be implemented to restrict it. There is chaos on the roads, traffic rules are not followed. The most important aspect is that India should be free from corruption.
- Nikhil Joshi, student of Interior Designing, Fergusson College

Rutali Gajare I hope the new government works toward ensuring educational facilities, particularly in small villages. Importance should be given to educating people from rural areas. In fact, it should be made top priority.
- Rutali Gajare, student, NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering

Pooja Kulkarni  Women’s safety and employment for women should be looked into. Secondly, sanitary issues for women in the city remain unsolved. Farmers and their issues are yet another concern; they feed us so we must ensure they are wealthy and healthy.
- Pooja Kulkarni, student at SP College

Ankita Pawar  This time, I have no expectations from any politician and I am not not interested in supporting any politician this time. I am interested in politics , but no one is worth voting for.
- Ankita Pawar, student, KHS Kalmadi College

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