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Mar 07, 2013, 00:48 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Mumbai's motorsport-loving folks can rejoice. The newly-opened bike training centre, Bikers Academy at I-Land Recreation Centre in Wadala promises to set one's heart racing. Here's how The Guide's Hassan M Kamal's dirt track lesson on a Yamaha RBX 125 turned out at this venue started by motorsport icon, Rustom Patel

Hurdles >>
Jumping on hurdles is all about maintaining stability mid air. If you are going for smaller jumps keep your head and the handle straight, but if going for higher jumps, ensure you lock the handle when in air. This will give you stability. Straighten it back just before you are about to hit the ground. Your legs should never leave the bike, and ensure you don’t rev up the engine too much either. For someone who rides only once a month, this jump on second gear was pretty awesome.

Turns >>
Sharp turns could be tricky for an untrained rider. The best way to do it is to keep the leg towards the turn side up, this way, when and if needed, you could use it to support your bike at the turn.

Stunts on dirt track >>
Don’t be afraid of falling. The dirt track is, perhaps the best place to learn a few motorcycle stunts or test how good you have (as compared to open streets), but only if you don’t mind a few bruises. As Rustom Patel says, “It's only when you fall that you learn.”

Dos’ and dont’s
>Safety gear is must. Never ride on a dirt track without a helmet.
>Fitness is important to be a good racer. You need to be in top shape to endure 15-16 laps at
one go.
>Regular interaction with the bike. Ride regularly to understand the bike inside out.
> Minimum age 10 years

Dirt Track Essentials>>
* Knee Pad * Elbow Pad
* Ankle-High Boots
* Gloves * Helmet
* Goggles

What you’ll pay
Training in group is available for
Rs 4,000 for eight sessions on the track. Personal training directly under Rustom Patel’s guidance is available for R12,000 for eight sessions.
AT ILand Sports Academy - Bhakti Park, behind Imax Cinemas, Old Club House, Wadala (E).

Closest Railway Station: Wadala Road
(Harbour Line)
Call 65951524
Timings 10 am to 6 pm

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