Walk your way to better health

Feb 18, 2013, 12:11 IST | The Guide Team

Dr Ritu Biyani , who recently lead Highways Infinite, a walkathon to create awareness about cancer shares easy tips with The Guide on how a healthy lifestyle can help reduce risk of cancer

Adopt protective lifestyles to start building your immunity. Walking is the easiest form of exercise, which can be done anywhere, doesn’t cost you anything except for maybe shoes and helps prevent many big and small disease/illnesses. It is great to walk alone or in groups. Not only does it give you the needful exercise but also gives you a chance to meet like-minded people. Pune’s beautiful Sahyadris Sinhagad, Vetal Tekdi and mountains in and around the city are a great place to start jogging.

Participants of the Highways Infinite walkathon in Pune

Watch what you eat: Choose mostly plant food, and reduce your red meat intake and avoid processed food. It’s difficult to avoid junk/fast food, but its not difficult to include more of plant-based food. One should eat plenty of locally grown ripe seasonal fruits and fresh veggies.

But before you do that get rid of pesticide residues by cleaning them under running water. Also, raw and lightly steamed veggies are more nutritious than cooked. One should also drink generous quantities of healthy liquids. Fresh lime juice, homemade drinks, and fruit juices (minus the outside ice) has more nutritional value than loads of soft drinks and coffees.

Stop being a couch potato: Drive less, walk, jog, cycle, dance or play active games. Any kind of physical activity helps to keep diseases way. It also helps build your immunity and helps you concentrate on your studies and work. It is believed that yoga asanas like Pranayam not only act as stressbusters but also help detoxify ourselves and increases the level of alertness.

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