Walking that Wimbledon path again!

Jun 26, 2013, 00:38 IST | Dileep Mehta

The journey is lively and entertaining while travelling everyday in the London Underground to the Wimbledon championships.

The nearest station to SW 19 is Southfields station where people alight and walk to the All England Club. Transport services are provided for spectators from Southfields station.

A single ticket on the shuttle bus service costs two pounds whereas a seat in a cab that can transport five people, costs 2.50 pounds. The shared taxi service is more popular.

Apart from being faster, spectators get dropped right in front of Gate No 4. They ply from 9 am till late night. While travelling on the tube, regular announcements are made on how to get to Wimbledon. The Britishers’ tennis knowledge comes to the fore during these train journeys.

On noticing this writer’s press pass, they marvel at the fact that media persons can watch the entire tournament.


I have noticed that black marketing of tickets is on the rise in spite of a high level of caution Wimbledon authorities strict caution: “Please do not buy tickets from touts, this will not gain you entry in the grounds.”

These touts are noticed at Southfields station itself and all the way to the hallowed venue, muttering, “I buy or sell tickets,” Wimbledon stewards and police

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