Wander in vibrant Versova

Sep 06, 2013, 03:37 IST | Kanika Sharma

Sapna Shahani is known for her video blogging forays into territories she's known all her life. Founder of an initiative called Groupies, she beckons you to discover and celebrate the age-old fishing village of Versova in a boat

“Most of the heritage walks happen either in town or Bandra,” laments Sapna Shahani, an award winning video blogger who more importantly would like to underscore her residence in Andheri for the last 35 years, since her birth that is.

Bhavnani has recently set up a platform called Groupies that she endeavours to create an impressive presence on social media networks.

Versova beach
Versova beach

The Versova Village Tour includes interacting with the Koli folks synonymous with this village who also concoct the famous Versova Seafood festival in January. If you missed out on sampling the rustic flavours, Shahani assures that a brunch is in the offing after the scenic boat tours and features their indigenous cuisine.

Shahani has also got Pankaj Bhave, a local historian on board to sate one’s curiosity. The video journalist articulates a valid point, “The main Versova road is gradually becoming a shadow of Bandra. It is sad we don’t explore our own local history.” She stresses on another important issue, “I find this funny that being in Mumbai, we have no real sense of the beach. We don’t go out to sea recreationally and hardly in a boat. Plus, my father was a ship captain so I have always loved the sea.”

Concerned about this treasure trove of culture, she also points out how Kolis of Versova have always been keen to encourage tourism and need adequate support in order to support the issue of building a bridge between Versova and Madh Island.

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