Wanted: Innocent and virgin brides for ultra rich Chinese tycoons!

Aug 28, 2012, 10:53 IST | ANI

Super rich and super busy tycoons in China, who haven't found enough time for bride hunting, are now signing up for screening events to help them locate a sweet, innocent and preferably virgin bride

And the matchmaking party organised by ‘China Entrepreneurs'' Club for Singles’ (CECS) for these 32 ultra rich men, have already seen 2,700 hopeful young women signing up just for the interviews.

Hatke news, Wanted: Innocent and virgin brides for ultra rich Chinese tycoons!

The Guangzhou-based high-end matchmaking company, charges 200,000 Yuan (20,000 pounds) a year for membership fees.

The candidates must be single, over 30 and have personal assets worth more than 10m pounds.

"They want women to have good looks, figures, manners and characters. And most important, they have to be serious about getting married. These guys are looking for good wives, not just pretty faces," the Independent quoted Wendy Dai, a senior consultant at CECS, as telling the Shanghai Daily.

According to the promotional material for the parties, the girl must be "tian su chun" or "sweet, simple and innocent", the. This should be characterised by a lovely smile, "minimal materialistic demands" and "minimal previous relationships".

According to the paper, a 32-year-old aspirant and an investment tycoon, who is looking for ‘Ms Right’ revealed that although he has many beautiful girls around him, he doesn’t plan to marry any of those because he’s looking for a ‘good woman’.

“I''m looking for a good woman, good wife and good mother to my children,” he added.

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