'Was my grandfather's life worth Rs 15,000?'

Jul 20, 2012, 06:50 IST | Sujeet Yadav

Asks victim's grandson in shock after learning that the 17-year-old college student who knocked down the 74-year-old was released within a few hours on a bail of Rs 15,000

A day after Marine Drive resident Sampat Maroo (74), died after being knocked down by a speeding car driven by a minor, Yash Bohra (17), his family is demanding stern action in the case and a review of existing laws.

Snehalata Maroo, deceased’s wife, said, “What amazes me is that just within a couple of hours, he was released on bail of only Rs 15,000.” Snehalata was offering prayers in her flat when she heard a loud noise from outside. “ I saw a crowd gathering around the injured person, but I wasn’t aware that it was my husband,” she added.

“Is this the future of senior citizens in our country? Is that what my husband deserved — an unnatural and untimely death? Is this what I get at the end of 53 years of togetherness — a lonely future?” she asked.

Change the law
The family believes that the law of the nation is very lenient towards minors, and it is important to set an example through this incident so that it acts as a deterrent in future. 

“Yash had no valid licence, and he was driving over the speed limit set in the area. Moreover, releasing him after a few hours on bail just because he is a minor shows how weak our laws are,” said Aniruddh Maroo, grandson of the deceased.

“Does this mean that my grandfather’s life was worth only Rs 15,000?” he asked.

“I can guarantee you this that if you had seen the injuries on my grandfather’s body at the hospital, you wouldn’t be able to sleep for the next three months. It only means that he [Yash] was driving at high speed when he banged into him, and the pain that my grandfather must have endured while he was being dragged is unthinkable. He [Yash] is enjoying the tag of a being a minor,” said Aniruddh.

On Wednesday morning, Yash Bohra was on a joyride in his parents’ car with his friend, when he lost control and crashed into Sampat Maroo.

Two police constables were also injured. Maru died on the spot.   

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