Was Shabana Azmi upset with Juhi Chawla for spending too much time on make-up?

May 11, 2015, 13:51 IST | Asira Tarannnum

Shabana Azmi was apparently upset with co-star Juhi Chawla for taking too long to get ready for their scenes together in 'Chalk n Duster'

If sources are to be believed, Juhi Chawla recently rubbed co-star Shabana Azmi the wrong way by spending 'too much time' in the make-up room. The duo is shooting for make-up artist Subhash Singh's debut film Chalk n Duster at Madh Island.

Shabana Azmi and Juhi Chawla
Shabana Azmi and Juhi Chawla 

A source says, "Juhi turns up on the sets on time, but takes too much time to get ready, keeping her fellow actor waiting for 30-45 minutes for their scenes together. Shabana was patient for the first three days after which she got upset and decided to speak to Juhi about it."

A unit hand confirms the story, but says that there was no argument between the two actresses. "They just had a discussion over time management," the insider suggests.

Shabana, on the other hand, denies the buzz, saying, "That's absolute nonsense. Who makes up these stories? Juhi and I share a very good equation and I am doing the film because Juhi is so passionately involved in every aspect of Chalk n Duster that she inspires all of us to push ourselves."

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