Watch before you eat

Jun 25, 2013, 02:11 IST | Ruchika Kher

Khar's Red Tree Cafe attached to The Red Gym, needs to pull up its socks as far as serving health-conscious food and its service is concerned, if it's serious about attracting the gym's members

Before visiting the Red Tree Café, we had a clear picture about the place since it’s attached to a gym, starting with a healthy menu. However, our confidence was squashed when we arrived. 

Kiwi Smoothie available at The Red Tree Cafe

The café was not exclusively dedicated for an eat-out; it was a passage that led to the gym that was converted into the cafe. While that didn’t go down too well with us, we still made our peace with it and decided to focus on more important topics -- food and service.

One look at the menu and we realised that not too much thought has been given to offer a dietary fare. While there were various non-vegetarian dishes increasing the protein factor, lack of fresh juices or interesting health options was a big blot on the thought behind the joint. On top of that, presence of options like Aloo Puri, Paranthas, Fried Rice, etc, made matters worse.

Disappointed, we ordered for a Beef Hamburger (Rs 220), Omelette and Chicken Grilled Sandwich (Rs 160), A Litchi Smoothie (Rs 100) and a Kiwi Smoothie (Rs 100).

Post that it was a long and we had to repeat our order at least four times to two attendants and despite that, the order arrived after more than one hour. As if that was not enough, The Beef Burger was cold and had to be sent back to be heated.

On the whole, the café needs to get its act together, if it wants to do brisk business and also needs to tweak its menu if it wants to position itself as a health food haven.

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