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Oct 13, 2012, 03:49 IST | Surekha S

Catch a unique selection of films at the Films Division today, along with the screening of 1948 newsreel that highlights Pandit Nehru's visit to Bombay

A film on the Bangladesh Liberation War and another on the world of sanity and fantasy drawn from the experiences at the shrine of a Sufi saint — two thought-provoking films will be screened at the Films Division (FD) today.

Still from the film A Certain Liberation

In the past, many such inspiring films made by the Films Division and by other independent filmmakers have been screened at the FD zone: “We started such weekly screenings from July 14, and we have had weekend screenings at 4 pm every Saturday. These films are curated by a group of independent filmmakers, who are associated with the FD zone,” says VS Kundu, the Director General, Films Division.

The newsreel about Pandit Nehru’s Mumbai visit is a must-watch for history buffs

Apart from films, often, newsreels are also screened. “The Films Division was started in 1948 as part of the Information of Ministry and Broadcasting to record important events in the country. Since then till the late 70s, over 4,000 such newsreels were recorded of interesting and historic events,” adds Kundu.

The newsreel to be screened today is one shot in 1948 and looks at Pandit Nehru’s visit to Mumbai, where a huge crowd greeted him at Girgaum Chowpatty.

A Certain Liberation, produced and directed by Yasmine Kabir, is a heartwarming film on a Bangladeshi woman who has lost her family in the Bangladesh Liberation war. She goes on to become someone who openly scorns authority finding in the process a new meaning of liberation and strategy of survival. There is Something in the Air is a film on the dream narrative and the spiritual experiences of women at the shrine of a Sufi saint in North India.

The film takes the audience through a world of dream and fantasy as fear and desire emerge through different experiences inside the shrine. Both are award-winning films that have been appreciated, globally.

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