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Feb 28, 2016, 07:16 IST | Aastha Atray Banan

Netflix is old. There’s enough happening on the web-series front to keep you hooked. Our in-house idiot box expert Aastha Atray Banan brings you the definitive list

This is the life of the start-up start-uppers. Inspired by the HBO show, Silicon Valley, this follows the life of four friends launching their own start-up company. They are faced with multiple challenges that range from one being reluctant to leave his job because he’s married and must spend most of his time grocery shopping to another who feels he can never catch up with other players in the market.
What we like: It’s funny, even though laden with so many expletives that you may have to watch it with your headphones on. But it’s real, relevant and entertaining. A great mix.

Permanent Roommates 2

Season 1 of this show was the second most watched long-form web series in the world on YouTube — with over 12 million total views for five episodes. In season 1, Tanya gets a surprise marriage proposal from her boyfriend Mikesh, after being in a three-year long-distance relationship. But, instead of getting married right away, they decide to live-in, and see how it goes. Season 2 is a lot more of their adorable run-ins with each other, over deciding if they are really meant to be together permanently?
What we like: The actors, Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh, fit the milieu of a young cosmopolitan couple, who are drastically different from each other, but still in love. Even their fights are natural and relevant — when he says “we have to have sex aaj — aaj toh banta hai, tyohaar hai” on Valentine’s, you can’t but help smile. Must watch.

Alisha: The Fashion Detective

Fashionista Alisha is kicked out of her fancy American university for getting drunk and partying non-stop. Then, she gets framed for drug abuse, and finds her way back to Mumbai. Here, when she doesn’t get a job with her favourite fashion magazine, she becomes the next best thing — a fashion detective who likes to look beyond the fashion. She wrangles her way into the style  world and solves mysteries such as who killed the cover girl or who stole the crystal gown? Her tagline: never leave the house without kajal, and it's time to clean this s*** up.
What we like: The sarcastic take on the fashion industry is bang on and hilarious. Lianne Texeira as Alisha is stylish and has great comic timing. She can also be b***hy and still likeable. In fact, just like all us girls! And the mysteries are small, but wittily crafted. This is a treat.


If you haven’t heard of this show, you may as well be living under a rock. It’s about three Delhi university flatmates who start a midnight food delivery service, and about how they handle student and work life. Of course, it’s a chaos.
What we like: Colourful characters like Haris (small town boy), Oni (the smartass who keeps getting them into trouble), Body (the group’s Casanova) and Tiwari (the bully). You will miss your college days after seeing this!

Bang Baaja Baarat

It deals with that age-old problem: what happens when parents get involved in a perfectly good relationship. To give you a hint: it all goes south. Till season 2 launches, catch up with season 1, where the bride and groom decide to get married on their own and call their parents to come attend their wedding at a resort. But parents have a mind of their own, and suddenly the love seems to disappear.
What we like: It’s got a great cast, with Rajit Kapoor, Shernaz Patel and Gajraj Rao. Written and directed by Anand Tiwari, it’s
also got great dialogues, and is fabulously shot. Much like a YRF film. Fun, light watch.

Eat, Pray...Swipe | Tinder Qtiyapa

It’s a show, yes, you guessed it, about what happens when you log on to Tinder. The show’s makers said they wanted to bring the app to life and show everyone what someone is really thinking when they swipe left or right. So, there is Harishchandra, a coder, who says no to the ‘Feminazi’ and the ‘Altaf Raja lover’ and yes to the ‘writer’ and the ‘firang’ as it’s a crime to swipe left for that. After a few fails, which includes a girl who uses him to set up her website and then says, get lost, he meets Swarnlata, the ‘behenji’ vedic maths professor. Will love or lust happen?
What we like: Though agog with clichés about the kind of people you meet on Tinder, you want to know where Harry and Swarn end up. They are cute, unassuming and normal? It’s just started so keep up.

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Love Shots
For their next web series, Y Films is making Love Shots, six mini films about love, of course. Those featured include Nimrit Kaur, Farida Jalal, Khulbhushan Kharbanda and Tilotama Shome. This looks promising.

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