Watch Video: Couple in Mumbai stuff anklets in socks, walk away

Feb 10, 2015, 07:25 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The couple shoplifted seven anklets from a Bandra jewellery store; the woman would drop the jewellery on the floor and then hide it inside her accomplice’s socks under the pretext of trying another anklet

The Mumbai police is on the lookout for a couple, in their early 30s, who shoplifted around seven anklets from a jewellery store in Bandra (East). Although the crime, which took place in the last week of January, was recorded in the shop’s CCTV, the couple’s bizarre modus operandi has stumped cops and they are still searching for clues to nab them.


The incident took place at Sarthak Jewellers in Bandra (East). The couple entered the shop one evening and told the owner that they wanted to buy anklets. Rajesh Soni, the owner of the jewellery store said, “We took out a variety of chains to show them. The woman stealthily dropped a few chains from the bunch, when no one was looking. Then, she picked an anklet from the display saying she wanted to see how it looks on her foot. Just before bending down to try it, she would take the edge of her sari (pallu) on her head. As she bent down, the sari hid her face and her accomplice’s feet. She would then hide the anklets (that she had dropped earlier) inside his socks. They repeated this a couple of times.”

The entire crime was recorded in the CCTV installed in the shop. The recording has been circulated by Nirmal Nagar police, where the case has been registered, to other police stations. An officer from Nirmal Nagar police station said, “We are trying to track down the couple. The modus operandi is quite unique. The couple is very shrewd as despite a number of customers being present, they were able to steal seven anklets, worth around R3 lakh, from the store. We have learned that the couple has used the same method to steal from various stores in western suburbs. We have circulated the CCTV footage and are investigating.”

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