Watch Video: Sikh boy teaches bully a lesson outside UK school

May 28, 2015, 15:31 IST | A correspondent

In this video footage that has gone viral, a Sikh boy is seen thrashing a boy of Caucasian origin, who was apparently trying to bully him. The infuriated Sikh boy is seen punching the bully

In a viral video, a Sikh boy thrashed a native school boy, who was apparently trying to bully him.

The video shows that a native boy apparently bullying the Sikh who was first trying to avoid confrontation. But things went out of hand, when the native hit him first. This infuriated the Sikh boy who gave him 6-7 tight slaps, teaching him a lesson. What followed was an expletive laden fight between the two.

The Sikh boy continued to hit while the native is unable to do a thing. He is then chased down the street by the Sikh who doesn't stop hitting him.

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