Water crisis in Mumbai, but Chembur street flooded since 9 days

Apr 05, 2016, 07:32 IST | Shailesh Bhatia

Residents blame a leak in the water pipeline below a trench dug up on the road in Pestom Sagar area; no inkling of which agency had undertaken the dredging work

Mumbai is in the throes of a water crisis, but civic officials have no qualms about letting water go to waste in a Chembur locality.

The trench below which residents claim is the leak
The trench below which residents claim is the leak

A water pipeline on Pestom Sagar Road 3, opposite Shoppers Stop, has allegedly been leaking for the past nine days, but despite a complaint, no action has been taken as yet.

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A flooded Pestom Sagar Road in Chembur
A flooded Pestom Sagar Road in Chembur

A resident, Rashmin Gala, had on March 29 raised a complaint with the civic officials (a copy of which is with mid-day), stating that a trench dug opposite Krushal Tower in the locality gets waterlogged each morning from a leaking underground pipeline. “We have seen gallons of drinking water being wasted from 6 am to 8 am each day for the last nine days,” he rues.

Amid official apathy, residents themselves went looking for the source of the leak and traced it to the trench. “Mindless digging by some agency is responsible for the leak,” alleges Gala.

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Residents have no clue about which utility service agency has undertaken the dredging work. There is no board next to the trench giving such details.

Gala complains that the sheer waste has led to a water shortage in the area. “Such wastage at a time when the state is grappling with drought is criminal.”

Municipal councillor Deepa Parab claimed to be in the dark over the issue, but promised to attend to the problem soon.

Assistant commissioner Harshad Kale of M-West ward was unavailable for comment.

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