Water leakage inside the Mumbai Metro, again?

Jul 16, 2014, 09:41 IST | A Correspondent

On Tuesday afternoon a picture of water drops on the ceiling inside the metro rail compartment went viral on a social networking website following which there was a debate once again about the water leakage inside the metro

On Tuesday afternoon a picture of water drops on the ceiling inside a Metro rail compartment went viral on a social networking website. The Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL) officials however refused any leakage incident terming it air-condition condensation.

Leaking Mumbai Metro
Recent picture of the Metro leaking due to a faulty AC went viral on social networking sites as well. File Pic

The water drops on the ceiling was observed inside the second coach of a Versova-bound Metro train that left from Ghatkopar at around 1-1.15 pm. The passenger even posted the picture of the same on the social networking website.

An MMOPL spokesperson, however, clarified, "The picture depicts the condensation of high humidity air in the AC of the train. The phenomena is due to condensation of water as observed in AC cars. It is frequently observed in monsoon where high humid air touches a cold surface like steel glass filled with icecubes, chilled bottles etc."

Some of the passengers who had traveled in the Metro also alleged that that the AC cooling was not up to the mark. On Tuesday evening, due to the heavy rainfall and water-logging that was witnessed in western suburbs, many people were seen using the Metro, because of which unusually large crowds were observed at the stations.

One of the passengers even called this reporter and told us that, for better crowd management, the entry gates at one of the stations was closed. However, MMOPL denied the same.

It was also learnt that the trains were so jam packed at around 9 pm that they were halting at stations but people were not able to get in. Announcements were also being made at stations stating that rather than standing in queue for buying tickets, people should get the same from AVTM machines.

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