Wayne Rooney knocked out in kitchen boxing bout

Mar 16, 2015, 08:32 IST | AFP

Video clip reveals the Manchester United star footballer ending up unconscious after impromptu tussle against teammate Phil Bardsley

London: Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has found himself embroiled in a bizarre incident after footage emerged of him being knocked out by former teammate Phil Bardsley in an impromptu boxing match in his kitchen.

England and Manchester United star Wayne Rooney. Pic/Getty Images
England and Manchester United star Wayne Rooney. Pic/Getty Images 

Friendly banter
Rooney was sent sprawling in his home after Bardsley caught him with a left jab as they indulged in a friendly sparring bout.

The 29-year-old England skipper is seen falling to the floor and appears to hit his head with a thud as he lands heavily on the ground.

He was left apparently out cold, arms splayed to the side and his head partially under a dining room chair. As he lay unconscious, shocked friends rushed over before filming came to an end.

Phil Bardsley
Phil Bardsley

The footage could see Rooney find himself in hot water both with his club and with England manager Roy Hodgson and others in the Football Association's hierarchy.

The tussle could have left Rooney with serious injuries and is unlikely to have impressed his boss at Manchester United, Louis van Gaal.

The Sun newspaper, which obtained the video, said the incident happened on February 22, when it claimed Rooney's wife Coleen was away on holiday with their two sons. Rooney's spokesman declined to make any comment.

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