'We are losing humanity in a concrete jungle'

Published: Dec 21, 2012, 11:05 IST | Soma Das |

Tell us about your artwork Oh My God and winning the National Academy Awards?

1. Tell us about your artwork Oh My God and winning the National Academy Awards?
Oh My God is the exclamation of a person when he sees the slums of India. I have used the helmet as a means of reflection as it is the most common thing used by people. On the one hand, there are three people living in 3,000 square feet in Nepean Sea Road and on the other hand, 30 people live in a 100 square feet place in a slum. This is the juxtaposition of Mumbai. Somewhere, we are losing our humanity in a concrete jungle. I always work on acrylic on canvas. From concept to execution, it took over four months. The crystallisation of thought takes more time than the execution. The award was for my contribution to art. I have worked in Korea, Europe and Germany, regularly, and won awards. But the current award makes me proud as it is from my motherland.

Raj MoreArtist

2. What inspires your art?
I have always sought inspiration from Mumbai and its myriad colours and facets. My colours are red, yellow and black — common colours you observe around you. Life inspires me. My other artworks have been Salaam Mumbai, Lifeline 786, B for Mumbai and MH01. While working I ruminate on a subject. Once thoughts crystallise, I give shape to it, and my work looks back at me.

3. What is your next series of artworks on?
It is on the crow and the crow’s perspective towards life in the metro that is Mumbai. The crow gives us a bird’s eye view on how we have been swept amid materialistic life and lifestyle losing ourselves and our identities in a metro swarm. The crow is the silent observer. 

About the artist
Raj More graduated from the Sir JJ School of Applied Arts, Mumbai in 1999 and started working in the field of visual art. Over the last 15 years he has delved in visual art. His works, a lot of which revolve around Mumbai, have featured in international auctions as well. He was recently awarded at the 54th National Academy Awards by the Lalit kala Akademi at New Delhi for his contribution to art.

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