We are warriors, says Rahul Gandhi

Jan 18, 2014, 10:28 IST | A Correspondent

In his first speech as head of the party's election campaign, an aggressive Rahul Gandhi promised to combat corruption and launched a scathing attack on the Opposition saying they only lit communal fires

Congress is not a party. It is an ideology close to our hearts. The idea is 3000 years’ old, as depicted in The Gita and The Mahabharat, and has been followed by Emperor Ashoka, Guru Nanak and Mahatma Gandhi.
- On the Congress


Pradhan mantri-ji (Prime Minister, Sir), we cannot make do with just nine subsidized cylinders of cooking gas. Women in this country need more. We need 12 per family, sir, please increase the quota.
- Asking for the LPG cap to be increased

A change is taking place in the country and the party needs to meet the aspirations of the common man, who wants a fair deal. This is not just another election to be fought. This is a turning point for India and no one is willing to compromise.
- On the importance of the LS elections

We are warriors, and we will go into battle with our heads held high, knowing what we stand for. I will do anything you want me to, I am a loyal soldier.
- On him not being selected as the prime ministerial candidate

We will fight the elections and win but the prime minister will be elected by the party's MPs as per our constitution
- On the selection of the prime ministerial candidate

Democracy is not rule by one man. We don't hand over the structure of a party to one man. The Opposition has good marketing skills. There is "chamak, naach, gaana (glitter, dancing, singing)". They are selling combs to bald men. Now there are a new group of people who are trying to give them haircuts.
- On the Opposition

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