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Jul 25, 2012, 10:25 IST | Dhara Vora

The location of this new eatery makes it a good option to drop by for a quick bite. We hope that they soon take their 'EDM cafe' tag more seriously and turn on the music and turn up the volume

The large signboard outside makes this small eatery hard to miss. The other thing that’s hard to miss is its association to Sunburn, the annual Electronica festival — if you missed it in the name, there’s a cupboard filled with festival merchandise, white walls adorned with images of DJ gods and a gramophone that sits in one corner of the café.

The day we visited, there was maintenance work being done, so we could barely hear ourselves over the din. So, we decided to opt for takeaway, since if we wanted to listen to the sound of drilling, we would rather tune into Dubstep. Speaking of which, we decided to wait for our order towards the end of the café in the hope of tuning into good music.

The Chicken, Onion and Pepper sandwich had juicy chunks of chicken and was served with fries on the side. Pics/ Dhara Vora

Instead of speakers, we found another example of just how precious space is in the city: They’ve converted a garage into a space with two tables sheltered by a patio umbrella. How could an EDM café not have music playing in the background? We don’t know. We hoped that they would deliver on the food front. The menu is limited, but they hope to soon introduce new items. Since they were out of Puffs and Hotdogs, so we opted for the Jalapeno Poppers (`99) and a Cheese Croissant (`45). Jalapenos chunks and melted cheese went into the filling of these deep-fried delights that we suspect came straight out of a packet.  The cheese croissant had generous amounts of cheese and spicy jalapenos that worked in tandem with the slight sweetness of the bread

Hey pesto!
From the sandwich section, we ordered the Tomato Mozzarella with Basil Pesto (`150) and the Grilled Chicken with Sweet and Sour Onion and Pepper ((`170).  We liked the delicious herby bread so much, we didn’t mind that the sub-style sandwich had only a few strands of basil in place of the basil pesto.

We especially loved the melted cheese in the Jalapeno Poppers

The chicken sandwich made for a filling mid-day snack with huge chicken chunks and lots of fresh veggies. We only wish the chicken chunks had been cut smaller, as this sub-style sandwich packed quite a mouthful.

It might be less than a fortnight since the opening of Sunburn 202, but it looks like they will have to spend a little more time getting the mix just right. And we aren’t referring just to the music.

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