We have no hand in Dabholkar's murder: Sanatan Sanstha

Aug 22, 2013, 09:40 IST | Varun Singh

Sanatan Sanstha issues statement rubbishing its involvement in Narendra Dabholkar's murder; says it was forced to do so after media, politicos dragged it into the case

Addressing the doubts raised over its involvement in the cold-blooded murder of anti-superstition crusader Dr Narendra Dabholkar on Tuesday morning in Pune, Abhay Vartak, spokesperson for Sanatan Sanstha, blamed media and politicians for having to issue a statement nullifying the rumors.

Leave us alone: Members of the Sanatan Sanstha address mediapersons during a press conference organised by them in the city yesterday; (below) Dr Dabholkar

He said, “Immediately after Dabholkar’s murder, certain news channels and politicians pointed fingers at our Sanstha, so we have come out to give our side of the story. We do not believe in any form of violence and hence would like to clarify that we have no hand in Dabholkar’s murder.”

The Sanstha, which has often been referred as an extremist group, claimed that it doesn’t believe in extremism and was focused on protecting Hinduism.

“We have been at the warring ends, but only because of our ideologies. Dabholkar was campaigning against us. We’ll continue our fight and will not let the anti-superstition bill pass. If the government challenges it, we will move the court,” Vartak said.

Stating that such things were done deliberately to tarnish the Sanstha’s image, its legal adviser Saniv Punalekar said, “We had to come out and speak because the anti-sanstha propaganda is affecting us. People have started questioning our motives. Hence the clarification.”

When questioned about the controversies that surround the organisation, especially its alleged involvement in the Goa blast that occurred a few years ago, Punalekar said, “The Sanstha doesn’t preach extremism. If anyone feels we do, then that person is wrong. Why target the Sanstha for someone else’s misdeeds.” 

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