We have the power within: mid-day's election ambassador Girish Gogia

Apr 21, 2014, 07:26 IST | Girish Gogia

Girish Gogia became 90 per cent paralysed after a diving accident in Goa. Today, this Mumbai resident is a wheelchair user, but has never missed an opportunity to vote, being carried by a team of people to the poll booth

You know, some things have a mirror effect. I have learnt that when we, as responsible citizens, change the way we ourselves look at situations, the situations we look at themselves change.

Today, India is to some extent, a reflection of we, the people. Instead of muttering and grumbling about need for change, we have to realise that this time like all times, is a very good one to work towards it.

Girish Gogia is mid-day’s election ambassador
Girish Gogia is mid-day’s election ambassador

So, many times, I have heard people say that they should have done something about a situation, but the time was not right.

Every time is the right time. Waiting to do something or waiting for inspiration as people like to say, usually results in endless waiting. Today, I think the most significant transformation would be the realisation that citizens, by changing the inner attitude towards their nation can change the outer aspects of their lives.

The country is what you make it! So why not make it a great one? Each nation has hidden inside it opportunities so powerful that it literally dwarfs all problems.

The most powerful and accomplished nations were created by people who recognised their problems and turned them into opportunities. Nothing truly stops us. Nothing really holds us back. For our own vote is always within our control.

If he can, why can’t you? Vote!

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