'We will learn from mistakes'

Aug 24, 2012, 07:09 IST | Vinay Dalvi

In a press conference yesterday, Satyapal Singh acknowledged the August 11 Azad Maidan situation was mishandled

“There is only one religion for me, and that’s my uniform (vardi dharma),” proclaimed Dr Satyapal Singh after taking charge as Mumbai police commissioner yesterday. He also accepted some things went wrong during the August 11, Azad Maidan violence.

Singh succeeded Arup Patnaik who now heads Maharashtra State Security Corporation. “We will learn from our mistakes and present a good force in the future,” said Singh.

“The confidence of the people in us has gone down; my first priority will be to restore it. The morale of the police force too has ebbed due to the August 11 incident and I will deliberate with my colleagues to find a solution.

A strong, efficient and transparent force must be brought before the public, and it should be easily accessible to them. A difficult law and order problem has been created in the city and to bring back normalcy is very important,” he added.

It also seems assistant commissioner of police Vasant Dhoble, who heads the social service (SS) branch, may be transferred. “I plan to give the SS branch to the crime branch and will not monitor it personally,” said Singh.

Dhoble was strongly supported in his action against bars and pubs in the city by former CP Arup Patnaik. “Indeed he (Dhoble) will be reassigned to some other post now,” said a police officer on condition of anonymity. 

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