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Aug 29, 2012, 11:22 IST | The Guide Team

After collaborating with online South Asian glossary guide Samosapedia for a line of quirky products, Chumbak, known for its India-inspired contemporary items, is ready with a video on terms and quirky phrases that Indians love to say

“This is more better”, “Cheater cock” and “Puppy shame” —there are a few terms and phrases that are distinctly Indian and are used prolifically by many. Taking a cue from that, Chumbak and Samosapedia, have launched a Youtube video to announce the arrival of their new products under the umbrella of Things Indians Say.

“Before we had Things Indian Say, we had You Know You’re An Indian. That was a line of products which was quite a success because people identified with the text and the illustrations that were intrinsically Indian. It prompted us to think that just as there are things that Indians do, there are unique things that Indians say as well. Based on that we decided to work on Things Indians Say,” says Vivek Prabhakar, founder of Chumbak.

A screen shot of the video created by Chumbak and Samosapedia to launch their new line of products under Things India Says

While Vivek and his team were planning to come out with a range of products with colloquial messages, they stumbled upon Samosapedia, a storehouse of South Asian lingo.

“Samosapedia had been wanting to do something, so we approached them and decided to come out with products together. The product range includes T-shirts, notepads, books and mugs. To launch the products, we decided to do something different instead of announcing it on Facebook, as we usually do. The concept lent itself to a video and that’s how we got this two-minute video done,” informs Prabhakar.

The video has been shot in Delhi and took eight days to complete. Shot by Svabhu Kohli, it displays the humourous antics of Bangalore-based actor Vivaan Kamath, who has managed to make it comic and very relatable.

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