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May 10, 2015, 06:38 IST | Fali R. Singara

Mumbai-based radio jockey lists out a cool idea to create a playlist on Mother’s Day in the form of top 10 amazing songs to celebrate your mother

What would you do without your mom? Whether it’s helping you nurse a bad cold, cheering you on when you get that promotion, or sharing important lessons about life with you; she’s there by your side. It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, and we’ve put together a fantastic music playlist you could make for her as a thoughtful gift from you. From Taylor Swift to Elvis, here are ten of the best mother-inspired songs that celebrate the smart, loving, caring and amazing individual your mom is.

Mama, By Spice Girls
In this fantastic pop ballad the Spice Girls declare that it’s their ‘mama’ who has been the best woman in their lives and always their best friend. The sentiment is that one never paid attention to all the advice that your mom gave you while you were younger; and only when you get older, do you realize that everything she did was out of love and watching out for you. The Spice Girls became the first group in UK chart history to have their first four singles reach number one when this hit topped the charts, and the video even featured each mother of the girls in it.
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The Best Day, By Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift sees her mom Andrea as her biggest hero, and in the last few months the pop superstar has been by her side constantly as she’s battling cancer. Taylor composed The Best Day as a present for her mom and cites it as one of her all time favourite songs. It’s about the special bond between a child and a mother, and Swift reminds her mom how happy she made her during her childhood and how blessed she is to have her in her life. As her mom usually accompanies Taylor while she's on tour, Taylor had to drop this song from her concert set list, as her mother would burst into tears backstage every time she heard it.
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(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You, By NSYNC
Justin Timberlake and his band NSYNC’s first ever US hit was not about dumping cheating girlfriends (remember Bye Bye Bye?) but a beautiful love song to mothers everywhere on their self titled debut. The band is convinced that when God created this special person who loves them so much, he spent more time while creating her, and that they are so lucky to have such a beautiful angel throughout their lives. The video centred on a mother and child and showed them spending an entire lifetime together, right up to old age. The group even snagged their first Grammy nomination for this song.
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The Perfect Fan, By Backstreet Boys
A hidden gem on their biggest selling album Millennium, the Backstreet Boys croon out a thank you letter to The Perfect Fan - and it’s not addressed to one of the millions of girls who adore them and buy their records - but to their mothers! A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell pull out all the stops to thank the women who gave them life, encouraged them to dream, and stood by them no matter what. It’s a beautiful piano driven ballad you can borrow to tell your mom the same thing.
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Mother Like Mine, By The Band Perry
One of the hottest tickets on the US charts today, the best song lead singer Kimberly Perry and her two siblings have done is this one. Mother Like Mine is a happy and tongue in cheek upbeat tribute to mothers the world over, and the band harmonises about what the world would look like if their mother raised it the way she raised children. The opening line of the chorus probably gives it all away - 'The wars would all be over, because she'd raise us all as friends.' Even when things go wrong for you, they figure that a mother will always know what to say and do to make you feel better and put a smile on your face.
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Mama’s Song, By Carrie Underwood
The American Idol superstar wrote this loving tribute to her mom, after she met her future husband to be, ice hockey superstar Mike Fisher. The song is about a young woman who’s found finally her true love, and as she leaves home and her mom to start her own life and family, she thanks her mother for the important life lessons she’s taught her. The woman also assures her mom that no matter where life takes her; she will always love her and be there for her. The track even snagged her a Grammy nomination and the video hit the headlines as it featured Carrie’s new husband and her mom Carol.
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A Song For Mama, By Boyz II Men
King of Pop Michael Jackson name checked Boyz II Men as one his favourite R&B groups, and this soulful ballad is one of the reasons why. Originally the theme to the comedy-drama hit flick Soul Food, this number one hit is a beautiful ode to mothers everywhere, thanking them for their love, grace, kindness, patience and understanding. The song reminds you that your mother is always by your side and that everything you are in life is due to her. It’s the perfect song for the mom who not only works all day, but makes sure she’s always there for you and the family, while putting food on the table.
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Beautiful In My Eyes, By Joshua Kadison
Kadison lost his mom, actress Gloria Castillo, to cancer when he was a teenager. His debut Painted Desert Serenade was one of the biggest releases of the 1990s and featured a number of heartfelt tributes for his mother, including the fan favourite Mama’s Arms. But his most poignant and well known song is Beautiful In My Eyes; the vocal performance is convincingly loaded with a son’s love for his mother. The song can be interpreted that one’s love for their mother will last forever, and even if she’s old or no more, she’ll always be beautiful in her child’s eyes.
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Wind Beneath My Wings, By Bette Midler
One of the most covered pop songs of all time; it was soul singer Lou Rawls who actually introduced this to US audiences in 1983. He often dedicated the song to his grandmother who raised him; but Bette Midler’s version recorded for the movie Beaches is the one that’s requested on radio every Mother’s Day to mark the special bond between mother and child. In the song the individual sees their mother as their hero, and thanks her for everything she’s done for them in her life. It’s a beautiful song that reminds one how lucky they are for the presence and love of their mom.
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Mama Liked The Roses, By Elvis Presley
In this lesser known ballad of his, Elvis sings about how his mother liked roses and he’d send them to her no matter where he was; and now that she’s no more, he visits her grave to put roses on Mother’s Day. Throughout his career, Elvis always made it clear that the most inspiring person in his life was his mother Gladys Love Presley. They shared an incredible bond and her death changed the King Of Rock And Roll forever. Recorded as a tribute to her, this song is a lesson about appreciating your mother and making her know how you feel about her before it’s too late to do so.
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