'We need corporates to invest in fashion brands'

Oct 21, 2013, 02:29 IST | 'We need corporates to invest in fashion brands'

Q3 Salim Asgarally Fashion designer

1. Tell us about your upcoming SA Show in Pune. What is the focus of the collection you are presenting here?
The collection that will be showcased in Pune is my Autumn/Winter 2013 womenswear line called Ehsaas, which means emotions, feelings and realisations. The collection is both reflective and evocative of the myriad emotions that flow through a woman’s heart and mind. The white collection speaks of peace and tranquility. The saree collection pampers her ethnic sensibilities and femininity, whereas the array of dresses in different hues and prints brings forth her spirit of joy and the love for life. The collection is truly in keeping with the USP of the brand, which is ‘elegant and chic’. Cutwork, which the brand specialises in, has been used liberally on items ranging from sarees, tunics and shirts.

2. You have worked abroad extensively. So, comparing India with the Western countries, do you think fashion scenario here has improved lately? Or are we blindly copying others?
India is a country steeped in culture and textiles. Design, fabric and aesthetic ability is in our genes. All one needs to do is visit our rich heritage of art and architecture to reconfirm the same. We do not blindly copy the West but seek inspiration from them just as they do from us. However, our fashion industry is still at a nascent stage as compared to the West, which has a 100 year headstart compared to us. What we lack is correct retail infrastructure. What is needed is the corporatisation of fashion brands, once the corporates invest in fashion brands and take them forward, we can compare with the best that the West has to offer.

3. How would you define fashion? Also, many times, it’s seen that what we see on ramp cannot be worn in routine life; what’s your take on it?
To me fashion is a way of life. It’s not only how you dress but also how you live, your style and your attitude. Fashion is also an expression of our cultural realities and an expression of how we see ourselves. Furthermore, the ramp was created to showcase the possibilities of design on the human body, and sometimes the creations tend to be so futuristic that an average person looses the connection. I believe that a garment needs to not only be beautiful and elegant but also wearable within the parameters of our socio-economic realities. As such, each and every piece of mine is such that it not only looks great but is something that one can wear with ease.

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