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Mar 17, 2013, 11:12 IST | Phorum Dalal

The fifth Nashik International Film Festival (NIFF, if you still didn't get our pun) will showcase 188 films, art installations and wine tasting from March 21 to 24

Nashik is where it all started for Indian cinema, and from March 21 to 24, the fifth Nashik International Film Festival (NIFF) will celebrate 100 years of cinema in India that Dada Saheb Phalke(who was born in Nashik) kick started from this lazy town by the Godavari River. “We were hoping that the government will host events in Nashik to celebrate 100 years of indian cinema, but no initiative has been taken yet. Thus, with the festival, we hope to highlight the contributions of Dadasaheb Phalke for the younger generation,” director of the festival, Mukesh Kanneri tell us over the phone.

A still from On the Footprints of Mahatma by Vasant Patil

This year, the festival will screen 188 short film documentaries, including 22 Malliwood Films, 10 feature films, and five Australian films, 20 French films and seven animation films. “We will focus on independent film-makers as filmmaking has become easy with highend gadgets. Every person wants to express his ideas. Cinema is the strongest medium for social interaction,” explains Kanneri, adding that he had made it mandatory for participating filmmakers to attend the screenings.

A still from Malegaon Ka Superman

Apart from movie screenings, there will be wine tasting, workshops by Australian filmmaker and actor Andrew Vial.

A documentary, called On the Footprints of Mahatma, directed by Advocate Vasant Patil. “The film is on Anna Hazare’s initiative on water harvesting to save water in villages,” says Patil.

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