We've brought sarees with us to blend in: Meg Gallagher

Feb 14, 2014, 09:39 IST | Ruchika Kher

Get ready for a vintage experience with London-based girl band The Tootsie Rollers, who are bound to enthrall you with their sassy Retro-inspired act on their maiden visit to India

Recreating the golden era of Hollywood, The Tootsie Rollers, a six-member girl band from UK, is known for its striking fusion of glamorous, golden-era classics sprinkled with contemporary sounds. Now the band comprising Flora Dawson, Meg Gallagher, Anna Gilthorpe, Katy Heavens, Lisa Millar and Khiley Williams is set to visit India. Gallagher shares their excitement with The GUIDE in an email interview.

The Tootsie Rollers
The Tootsie Rollers use Retro as their over-riding sound

How did you all come together to form The Tootsie Rollers?
We met five years ago, performing in a Retro musical in London, and ‘Toots’ was a term of endearment we used for each other. It wasn’t long before ‘Toots’ became ‘Tootsie’ and, The Tootsie Rollers were born!

Why did you choose Retro as your sound in an age when most music heads groove to EDM or Hip-Hop?
We all love the great Hollywood musicals and grew up watching retro silver screen movies. There is something wonderful about the golden era of Hollywood, the fashion and the music. We do enjoy giving the era a contemporary twist and bringing the retro bang up to date for a modern audience.

Who are your inspirations?
We like to fuse the fantastic big band sound of the 1930s, 40s and 50s crossed with the best from the contemporary music scene. Think The Andrews Sisters meets Girls Aloud! We each were naturally drawn to our icons. It seemed an obvious match that Lisa would feel an affinity for Rita Hayworth and Flo would gravitate towards Marilyn Monroe. It fell into place, really!

Is this your first visit to India? What are your expectations?
Yes! None of us have ever been to India before. We are very excited! We’re expecting a big culture shock to all our senses — but can’t wait to get a sense of this country and its people. We’ve even brought sarees with us to try and blend in.

Have you heard any Indian music?
Bollywood has a presence in London. We’re looking forward to see it in its natural home, and get a sense of the true music and style.

What are your future plans?
We’re working on some brand new material, as well as writing original songs. With lots of gigs and appearances in the pipeline, 2014 is shaping up to be “Tootsie-tastic” for us!

The band will perform at Ashvin Gidwani Productions’ Race Day.

On: February 16;
At: Mahalaxmi Race Course.
Call: 23832380

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