We want to concentrate on our careers and studies now: Couple that jumped into Vashi creek

Feb 15, 2014, 06:23 IST | Richa Pinto

Couple that jumped into Vashi creek earlier this month has decided to wait to tie the knot; the boy deciding to build his career and the minor girl her studies, before they entertain thoughts of marriage

Earlier this month, a young Suraj Ganvir and his even younger girlfriend Pinky (name changed) entered into a suicide pact, in the face of disapproval from the 16-year-old girl’s family over their desire to marry.

Getting wiser: The couple after being rescued from Vashi creek, on February 3. (inside) MiD DAY had reported on the suicide bid in its edition on February 4, 2014. File Pics

The Ulhasnagar residents rode out to Vashi creek and took a plunge into its waters, and were saved only by the timely intervention of a local fisherman (‘Why I jumped off a bridge with the girl I love’, MiD DAY, February 4).

MiD DAY caught up with the couple yesterday, to make the heartening discovery that both have decided to focus on their education and careers, and are willing to wait a while before thinking of marriage again.

Suraj (22), who works as a salesperson at a store in Ulhasnagar, said he was relieved when Pinky got discharged just a day after him. “We are thankful to God that we got this second life. The decision was taken on the spur of the moment, but the whole incident has made us stronger. We want to dedicate ourselves to our respective jobs and studies. Marriage can wait, and we do not mind just meeting each other till then,” said Suraj.

Suraj’s girlfriend (16) didn’t say much, only confirming that she was medically stable. Asked if they were celebrating Valentine’s Day, Suraj said, “The fact that we are alive today is one of the biggest gifts we received from God. We regret trying to take our lives. We will now only work towards bettering ourselves and our lives.”

The suicide BID

Citing her age, Pinky’s parents asked her to wait two years before she married. Unconvinced, Pinky decided they should end their lives. On Feb 3, the couple rode to Vashi creek on Suraj’s bike, Pinky bunking college. They took the plunge. While both survived thanks to the efforts of a local fisherman, the young man later said he took the plunge fearing police action in case she died.

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