We wanted a fresh face for 'Vicky Donor': Shoojit Sircar

Apr 20, 2012, 07:35 IST | PTI

Director Shoojit Sircar, whose third outing Vicky Donor is all set for release, says VJ-turned-actor Ayushmann Khurana was the perfect choice to play the lead in the romantic comedy

The director said that he and debutante producer John Abraham were bent on casting a fresh face in the role of a Punjabi cricket player, instead of approaching stars like Shahid or Ranbir Kapoor. "Since the very beginning John and I were sure that we would get a fresh face for the film.

We wanted to bring in a fresh actor who would bring on a smile with his very appearance and I didn't want any excess baggage that would have to be removed off an established star. "Moreover both John and I like Ayushmann as a person. He was the best choice for the film and audience reaction to him just on the basis of promos is a testimony of that," Shoojit told PTI.

The audience reaction is quite massive for Annu Kapoor as well who, as Dr Chaddha, is seemingly a riot himself in the film. "There are a very few actors who can pull off a character like 'Chadha' from Daryaganj, Delhi. A character like this needs to be played quite carefully and Annu Kapoor just fits the bill," Shoojit said. 

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