Wear your eco sensibilities

Jun 12, 2013, 01:14 IST | Ruchika Kher

In today's world, art is not just limited to uptight galleries or the pristine walls of an art connoisseur's house.

Art has become a way of living for many and is around us in the form of installations, stationery, accessories and even on apparel, which is dubbed as wearable art.

A T-shirt for men, Rs 599

Inspired by this concept and frustrated with the lack of creativity and originality of what is available in shops, two Bengaluru guys decided to call on talented artists that shared their view and vision about T-shirts and thus was born Samtana. The online brand of T-shirts offers an eclectic range for both men and women designed by freelance artists from across the globe.

A T-shirt for women, Rs 599

Only 100% organic cotton T-shirts are sold at the e-store. The cotton is sourced from organic farming co-operatives in South India for this initiative, which not only helps support the move to a more sustainable and lucrative form of farming for the farmers, but also keeps clothes free from chemicals. Ideal fashion sense in these eco-unfriendly times, we say. Now, sport a great design with an organic touch!

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