Weaving an Electronic tapestry

Jun 19, 2012, 10:36 IST | Anjali Jhangiani

From Funk and Afro beats to Psyche Trance, music band The Coconut Tree is ready to weave an electronic tapestry as they perform live in the city this Wednesday

With a passion for Electronic music, The Coconut Tree presents a mélange of percussion played live and innovative use of technology in their sounds. Their music includes various moods and styles that influence experimental music around the globe. And bringing all this to Pune, they will perform live here at Swig, tomorrow.

“We are a highly experimental group, and our music can be said to be an endeavor to create experimental tropical world groove,” says Rahul Chatterji, the lead guitarist and composer of TCT. When we enquire about the band’s name, we are informed that the intended to pun on the word Tree. “It’s The Coconut Three, which is pronounced as ‘tree’, so we spell it that way. We wanted the name to sound very tropical,” elaborates Chatterji.

Talking about their upcoming performance, he says, “We will be performing all of our original compositions. We look forward to starting the evening by introducing World Lounge music, which includes Afro Beats. The idea is to show a connection between African and Indian music,” he reveals. Their gig will include performances on Djembe and Australian percussions as well. “We will touch upon genres like Reggae and House, and then we go into drum and base and psyche trance to end with a bang,” adds Chatterji.

Keshav Iyengar on Bass and Abhishek Sharma on percussion make the rest of the trio, but due to unavoidable circumstances Sharma will be replaced with Davankar Nirajkar, on percussions for this performance. The trio however, promise the audience a fun-filled evening of world music.

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