Weaving India into her songs

Oct 05, 2014, 03:21 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Asha Sing's single, Mercy, debuted at #7 on the Billboard Charts last year. She explores a different path with her second single, Satellite

It was a big moment for Indo-American pop artiste Asha Sing, when her single, Mercy, debuted at #7 on the prestigious Billboard Charts, last year. Since then, Sing, who grew up in a musical family in South Florida, has been busy making American Pop music infused with desi elements. “Everything I do has an Indian touch to it — from the choreography to my outfits, from the production of tracks to the melodies,” says Sing. With her second single, Satellite, out now, the musician tells us that she would love to make inroads into the Indian music industry, too.

Asha Sing
Asha Sing

Q. You are one of the first Indo-American artistes whose song has debuted on the prestigious Billboard Charts. How does it feel?
A. When I got the news that my track, Mercy, was #7 on the charts, it was an amazing feeling. To add to that it was my birthday that day, making it an accomplished elebration with my family. Mercy was my first release and I was hoping it would do well. Thankfully, it did! I was nervous while choosing which single to release first. I ultimately chose Mercy because it reflected me the best. When you take a listen to the track, you get a glimpse of my artistry of incorporating American and Indian culture into the music. I think my listeners understood what I was introducing and supported me in it. They are the reason for my success.

Q. Is it very difficult for an Indian artiste to break stereotypes in the US music industry?
A. It’s really difficult for any kind of artiste to enter the US music scene. Add to that, the many layers of my culture — I’m half Malayali and half Telugu — and Indo-American roots, makes it even more complex. However, India is shining in the world music platform and very soon, we will have more Indian artistes rising in the US music scene.

Q.What’s your latest single, Satellite, all about?
A. Since Mercy was an anti-bullying song, I wanted to explore a different direction with my second single. Satellite is a lot lighter and is easy to listen to. It’s about the initial feeling of falling for a person, and how your world revolves around them.

Q. Would you like to enter the Indian music industry?
A. I want to see my Bollywood songs go viral and find a global fan-following, like what Gangnam Style did for Psy. Indian music has so much beauty. Bollywood hits are my favourite. I have learned so much from the songs of movies, such as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kal Ho Na Ho. I have been listening to the soundtrack of Khoobsurat am in love with Jasleen Kaur Royal’s voice in Preet.

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