Weep away! In 9 days, onion prices have risen by Rs 28

Aug 13, 2013, 00:20 IST | Richa Pinto

APMC traders at the wholesale market attribute the price hike to the shortage of onions at the supply source

When it comes to the price of onions, there’s no stopping the tears. The price of onions has risen by Rs 28 in the last nine working days at Vashi’s Agricultural Produce and Marketing Committee (APMC) market.

(APMC wholesale prices in `/kg)

On Monday, traders at the APMC market said that the price of onions in the wholesale market was Rs 55, the highest in the last nine days.

The price of onions in the last few days has seen a mercurial rise. For instance, on Thursday, August 1, the price of 1 kg onions was Rs 27. Then on August 8, Thursday, the price rose to Rs 33. A further rise was observed on August 10, when the market opened after Eid, at Rs 45 and then yesterday again, the price spiralled to Rs 55.

Ashok Walunj, director of the onion-potato market at APMC, said they were hoping the price would not see another hike but considering the current condition of the market, they were unsure. “The drought last year destroyed a large part of the produce, causing the current spike in prices. However, with the arrival of Bangalore onions in the market, we are hoping for some relief.”

But, there’s some relief for the aam aadmi, as the government’s subsidised centres were selling onions at the price of Rs 54 yesterday.

“Onions got bought within no time as the price of onions here is lesser that what it is in the open market,” said an official from Apna Bazaar, Andheri.

Price in the retail market yesterday
Rs70 MAFCO Market, Vashi

Rs 65 Kurla Market

Rs 60 Chembur

Rs 60 Matunga 

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