Welsh and all that Jazz

Mar 05, 2014, 12:30 IST | Dhara Vora

Jazz will meet traditional Welsh Folk melodies at this performance by Burum, a Jazz band from Wales

When music escapes its boundaries, it conquers realms of creativity and the resultant product enthrals many emotions. One such band that explores by fusing different genres of music is Burum, that mixes Jazz with Folk melodies.

Tomos Williams leads the band

The word Burum means yeast in Welsh, and the band’s music is an interpretation of traditional Welsh Folk music through Jazz.

This Welsh Jazz quintet, which will be performing in the city today is led by trumpeter Tomos Williams. The band is in India courtesy, Gatecrash, in association with Wales Arts International.

Welsh Jazz band Burum

Emmanuelle de Decker from Gatecrash tells us, “I saw them perform in Wales which is when I thought of bringing them here. We have now been collaborating with Wales Arts International to bring Welsh artistes here and Indian artistes abroad and also do a few collaborations.”

As for Burum, it gets its Folk element from Ceri Rhys Matthews — a Folk musician himself — through bagpipes and wooden flute. And joining him in this Jazz improvisation are Dave Jones on piano, Aidan Thorne on bass, Mark O’Connor on drums and Daniel Williams.

On: Today, 9 pm onwards
At: The Bandra Base, 29th Road, Bandra (W). 
Entry: Rs 300

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