Wendell stops time

Jul 27, 2012, 11:47 IST | Dhara Vora

At the Mumbai Fashion Week, Wendell Rodricks' collection, Timeless aims to be a line of outfits that will stand the impact of time

It’s a well-known fact in the fashion fraternity that Wendell Rodricks might be the only designer in the country who truly understands the power of resort wear and simplicity.

Keeping the practicality of his outfits intact, his collection for the forthcoming fashion week is titled Timeless. “I wanted to push my collection in a different direction. Last time, I did more of pastels and it was a collection, which was more Western in inspiration.

Wendell Rodricks outfit  from his forthcoming collection titled Timeless

This time, I wanted to do a collection based on Indian masterpieces in fashion such as saris, tunics, dhotis and salwars; outfits which are timeless,” says Rodricks. Apart from inspiration from Indian silhouettes, Wendell has also incorporated abstract concepts such as the concept of zero and Indian geometry: “People might not notice it but one of my outfits (pictured) is actually in the form of a square. We have moved the waistline to one side so it falls and drapes on the other.”

The garments have been created from silk and linen. As for the silhouettes of his line, the designer explains, “I like to retain the classic and like water, I prefer to retain the purity of form and line and silhouettes.

I have been known for my fusion line and the line until this collection has been about international wearability. This time, it is the other way round. So we are starting with an Indian inspiration with an international wearability. Sarees are so abstract. You’ll look at my garment and ask, “Is this a dupatta? Or is it a saree?” It looks like a saree. But you can wear it without getting involved with pleating it or worrying whether the pallu will fall this way or the other; so it can be worn internationally too.”

To keep an international flavour Rodricks has used a colour palette that is very Western, “There’s grey and brown and black and of course, my favourite, white. But we have splashed it with Indian colours such as bright orange and hot pink, yellow and kind of a peacock turquoise.”

The designer who is inspired by the concept of simplicity and minimalism by Coco Chanel says, “Once I met Malaika (Arora Khan) at a party and she asked me ‘Do you remember this outfit — a blast from the past? In fact, it was actually 20 years old, and it looked completely contemporary. That is the emotion I would like to retain.”

Wendell Rodricks will showcase his collection on August 4 at LFW. 

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