Professional cuddler, sex toy tester! 9 weird jobs you won't believe exist

Updated: Nov 25, 2016, 18:47 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Do you know there are therapists for people, who help them in 'cuddling' their troubles away? Or that before sex toys hit the markets, they are tested beforehand? Here's a look at 9 weird and downright bizarre jobs...

Professional cuddler

Professional cuddler: Yes, as in getting paid to 'cuddle' people. A woman in the United States recently revealed she offered this service as a form of therapy.

Sex toy tester

Sex toy tester: Well, someone's got to test it before it's used we guess! Although relatively obscure, sex toy testing is actually considered a necessary measure by adult entertainment firms that specalise in the field and a UK woman actually revealed she made good money out of it.

Bed tester

Bed tester: Lazy? Like lounging around, taking those lengthy naps or prefer to sleep late into the afternoon? This job is perfect for you! Professional bed testers are employed by mattress manufacturing companies to ensure their product meets the require standard of comfort.

Condom tester

Condom tester: Practicing safe sex has been advocated through the years. The 'protective cover' is shall we say, taken for a 'test ride' before it's available for purchase at your local pharmacy. A leading condom brand in Australia actually advertised this position for potential testers!

Face feeler

Face feeler: Yes, you read that right. A person specifically hired or should we say actually offered a salary to touch and feel someone's face. Sound's weird doesn't it? There's actually a logical explanation to it. Face feelers are required to feel and examine clients' faces after they have utilised beauty care products before they are released in the market so as to see if there are any changes or reactions.

Dog food taster

Dog food taster: Giving 'man's best friend' a safe and healthy diet is a key priority for every pet owner. People who are employed by dog food manufacturers ensure just that by tasting the grub that your pooch will later feed on. Sounds odd? Definately! But believe it or not, it's an actual position.

Paper towel sniffer

Paper towel sniffer: Nothing fancy about this. It's exactly as you read it. A person paid to sniff paper towels. Basically, to apply for this position one must possess a good sense of smell so as to ensure that the paper towels do not emit any unpleasant odours.

Water slide tester

Water slide tester: Love water parks? Do you enjoy swimming and love riding that slide and engulf in euphoria upon the big splash? Then this is the job for you. Water resorts hire people to specifically test whether their water slides are safe enough by simply letting them ride it multiple times. Wheee! That sounds like fun doesn't it?

Human Statue

Human Statue: Considered less of a job and more of a performing art, people paid to be human statues or living statues are required to pose with realistic statue-like makeup. sometimes for hours at a time. It's considered more of an artist's expression.

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