Western Railway to change indicator pattern for fast local trains after public opinion

Jun 17, 2015, 16:28 IST | Shashank Rao

About 75% Mumbaikars have expressed their opinion by showing green signal for a change in the indicator pattern for the fast trains on suburban platforms

The mandate of the opinion poll for the proposal of change in the display pattern of the fast train indicators on suburban platforms of Western Railway is almost clear, as about 75% Mumbaikars have expressed their opinion by showing green signal for a change. (Read here)

The current display pattern of train indicators for fast trains on Western Railway shows stations where the train does not halt but now, according to the new mandate, Western Railways will now consider changing to new pattern of showing stations where trains will halt.

The opinions from Mumbaikars were called for the above change by Western Railway from 12th June, 2015 to till date through various social media platforms like Facebook, E-mail & M-Indicator.

A total of 69,170 Mumbaikars responded from June 12, 2015 till date through all the three mediums. Out of these 51,992 persons i.e. about 75% have expressed their opinion in favour of change, while 17,178 persons i.e. 25% are not willing for any change and have desired to continue present pattern of showing non-halt stations on Western Railways train indicators.

As per the outcome of the public opinion poll, the necessary action will be initiated soon to change the present pattern and in near future the Western Railway train - indicators on fast line platforms will only display the names of specific stations, which are scheduled for the halts for that train.

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