Western Railway to straighten tracks at Andheri, reduce delays

Jan 26, 2015, 07:03 IST | Shashank Rao

After completing work to straighten the curves in the tracks near Borivli, WR will begin the complicated work of tweaking crossover points and straightening and replacing tracks near Andheri station

After more than 30 years, Western Railway (WR) authorities are going to straighten tracks near Andheri station that would help reduce delays. While local trains are meant to run at speeds as high as 100 kmph on straight lines and close to 40 kmph on crossovers, it usually ends up moving at a snail’s pace before Andheri station.

Straightening up: The degree of curve will be eased and tracks will be replaced on both ends of Andheri station. File pic for representation
Straightening up: The degree of curve will be eased and tracks will be replaced on both ends of Andheri station. File Pic for representation

The R31-crore project has already received R10 crore to start the first phase of modifications in the coming month. The remaining funds are expected to be sanctioned by the Railway Board soon.

Besides changing the alignment of tracks, to ease the degree of curve, authorities are planning to replace existing tracks as well. Currently, the curvature of tracks at crossovers is around 8 degrees and officials are planning to straighten it to 12 degrees. “This will help us run trains at 30 kmph, up from the present 15 kmph, on crossovers,” said a WR official.

Challenging job
Officials said that there are a number of crossovers —  used by trains to change lines — at Andheri. Until now, rail authorities have remained sceptical about carrying out this complicated work. In addition, rail tracks would be replaced on both ends – towards Jogeshwari and Vile Parle — to help improve the speed of trains coming to Andheri station.

Currently, both slow and fast trains enter the platform at around 40 kmph. Sources say that once tracks are replaced, trains will easily be able to enter at 80 kmph, improving the punctuality of trains. This would not only help ease the movement of the train entering a platform, but also those running behind it.

“We will start the work at Andheri once the work at Borivli is over,” said Shailendra Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager (Mumbai), Western Railway.

Authorities began straightening the tracks at Borivli, after they acquired a portion of BMC land. The rail yard on the east side of the station was also remodelled and alignment of tracks has been changed. The WR been cancelling five early morning train services till today, when the work at Borivli is expected to be complete. 

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