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Oct 17, 2013, 01:56 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The eight wonders of the world will come alive through Narayan Sahu's sculptures. The Guide caught up with the artist who is now all set to recreate the Taj Mahal in sand

Fancy visiting the eight wonders around the world? Here is your chance to see them at one go, and that too within your city. Renowned sand sculpture artist Narayan Sahu has been burning the midnight oil recreating the eight wonders of the world alongwith his team, at Phoenix Marketcity.

Sculptures of the Egyptian Pyramids at Phoenix Marketcity

Speaking about his creations, Sahu says, “The crowded mall does not allow us to work and concentrate during daytime. Hence, I have chosen to work during the night.” 

The artist from Odisha now resides in Mumbai. Sahu is extremely passionate about sand sculptures and has participated in the Goa Sand Art Festival, which is an annual event held in Goa.

Sand sculpture artist Narayan Sahu recreating the Machu Picchu

The artist with the magic fingers can turn sand into various artistic forms. He has been working on the eight wonders theme for the last five days. He has completed four sand sculptures so far and is determined to sculpt the famous Taj Mahal using sand.

“I am done with four of the wonders and am now looking forward to making the Taj Mahal as it’s the most difficult structure to come out with. Making pyramids was easy; it just took six hours of work but the Taj Mahal will take more than 18 hours of hard work and dedication. I am also looking forward to colouring it in white for that perfect finishing,” says the artist.

Narayan Sahu making the Great Wall of China

Visitors can see the symbol of love from October 20 onwards. Sahu admits that a bit of imagination is all that is required to get him started and the hunger to see his creation coming to life sustains him. Watching him work on his creation is an interesting way to examine patience and by itself is an experience of enlightened consciousness.

“I want the visitors to be careful while observing the sand sculptures as a small jerk can destroy the whole creation. We have put hours together to make them using only sand (imported from Bengaluru) and water and want the world to see the delicate art with care,” concludes the artist.

On Till Diwali
At Phoenix Marketcity,
Viman Nagar.

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