What ails Soha Ali Khan?

Oct 12, 2013, 03:15 IST | Asira Tarannum

Soha Ali Khan suddenly felt dizzy and left the premiere of her film 'War Chhod Na Yaar'

Soha Ali Khan suddenly took ill at the premiere of her film War Chhod Na Yaar. The actress was so uncomfortable that she had to leave the suburban multiplex where the event was held on Thursday night. Soha was spotted arriving with her beau Kunal Khemmu. She looked fine and posed for the shutterbugs after which she felt unwell.

Soha Ali Khan
Soha Ali Khan

According to an onlooker, “Soha was throwing up in the women’s washroom. Kunal was with her throughout her ordeal.” Soha says, “Yes, I suddenly felt dizzy and was throwing up. Our family doctor says it was due to food poisoning and I had had low blood pressure. I was so sorry to miss seeing the film with the unit and friends.”

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