What Cameron ate at Indigo

Feb 19, 2013, 07:17 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

After a tiring day of meet and greet, British PM David Cameron, who is in the city to boost trade between the two countries, snuck away to Indigo at Colaba to grab a meal

After a tiring day of meet and greet, British PM David Cameron, who is in the city to boost trade between the two countries, snuck away to Indigo at Colaba to grab a meal. For those who were wondering what the Brit PM ate, you heard it hear first:

For the first course, Cameron was served baby beets, horseradish panna cotta and petit greens. For his second course, he was provided a feast of butter poached chicken with Jerusalem artichoke puree, chilli caramel glazed chicken wings, forest mushrooms and pan jus.

Sexy snow-boarders
>> Hunk Alert: Individually they are known as some of Mumbai’s most celebrated sexy new age guys (SNAGS). Collectively they make up a pride of hotties.

And so when dishy salonist Osh Bhabani, swashbuckling restaurateur Nikhil Chib, hunky philanthropist Matthew Spacie, and chick magnet Homi Adajania joined stud muffin event management exec Martin Da Costa for a stint of snowboarding in Gulmarg last week — Mumbai’s celebrity testosterone levels sagged.

“Fun was had. Knees were trashed,” said Da Costa, adding, “I was nursing two broken knees on my first run on day one.” Evidently boys just want to have fun. As for all our objectifying remarks — just kidding, guys. We know you’re married to some of the hottest babes in town.

Signature style?
>> So who is the legendary contemporary artist who’s famous and (expensive) signature has been appropriated by a poet of great repute and a couple of his protégés? “Not only can he not paint any more, he can hardly stand without assistance,” is the word in the art district. “And yet there are a series of exhibitions of his works.” The modus operandi is simple: the poet entrusts the faithful protégés what to put on the canvas and then the master signs it. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘signature style’ we think.

Big voiced gal
>> In Across the Universe her luminous outing as sexy Sadie, the landlady had us sit up and applaud. God created women and then from his finest rock he chiseled American singer, songwriter, actress Dana Fuchs who performed to much applause at the Mahindra Blues Festival on Sunday.

Members of the audience like Vikram Mehta, Anand and Anu Mahindra, Pradeep Guha, Leslie Lewis, Alex Kuruvilla and Pratish Motwane were seen bopping to her beat. A big girl with a big heart and big voice is our Dana. Now rent the movie ASAP.

Townies vs everyone else
>> We did our growing up in Juhu and in many ways we haven’t grown out of it. The Juhu we grew up in was a bohemian one. Everyone lived in shacks and was either working in the movie business or was trying to. Parents’ friends dropped in unannounced in shorts and slippers, calypso was played on the gramophone and we spent most of the evenings on the beach playing endless and intricate versions of hide and seek, going home only reluctantly when the sun had finally submerged itself into the sea and the first star was out. For us ‘town people’ were a breed apart: altogether more sophisticated, with fancy accents and fancy ways. Even their shampoos smelt exotic and alluring when they bathed in the sun ‘n’ sand shower rooms on their weekend trips to Juhu. Juhu was Goa with a few posh bungalows in those days.

At least twice a week, funeral processions would wind past our home on their way to the St Joseph’s church at the end of our lane. The casket ceremoniously adorned, the women in dark veils and even a sombre melody played sometimes. There were gang fights and the ravings of drunken poets at night and even the village idiot who’d scare little girls with his sex starved antics. Then when we were 16, we moved to South Mumbai’s world of Bombellis and Amarsons, sizzlers and steaks, Regal and the NCPA. And slowly we became town people: we didn’t know our neighbours, Holi had to be planned and didn’t just catch you unawares with a raucous crowd showing up at your doorstep; and yes our shampoos became more exotic. Since our move we may be wrong but the great divide between North and South Mumbai appears to have got wider. And, of course, the dynamics have changed somewhat with the balance of money shifting to the suburbs.

But without going into details, here’s the gist of it: one side thinks the other is naff and arriviste and the other thinks their compatriots across the sea link are pompous and stuffy. And like all stereotypes there is a bit of truth in both accusations. Which is why we are so happy to learn of the Facebook community, The Obnoxious Townie Lemur and friends with its sly digs at SoBo hang-ups. “He lives in Bandra. That’s practically a long distance relationship.” We love the site. Even more so if it’s been created by townies who can laugh at themselves!

RPG menu Pai
>> On Saturday at Harsh Goenka and Vickram Sethi’s dinner to celebrate the successful conclusion of the RPG Art Camp, many things fought for our attention and made it difficult to concentrate on the rich haul of paintings on display. Firstly, of course, were the artists. We have always maintained that the best artists are as aesthetically splendorous as their canvasses. Think Hussain, Piccaso, Dali and Shergil.

Paresh Maity

What’s an artist if he can’t embellish his own God given canvas right? And so, when we met our dear friend Paresh Maity, we couldn’t help spending time admiring his ensemble (parrot green shirt, exquisite silver baubles and a close clipped goatee).

Then, of course, was the dinner itself: a veritable feast of drool worthy vegetarian fare catered by the legendary Mr Pai of Kolkata. Matar ki ghugari, chat fried, churwa matar, chat phoochka and churmur on the chaat counter; different kinds of dosas with appam and stew, iddiappam with kurma, and malaga puddi on the dosa counter served with rice, vangi lemon rice, pongal, curd rice with tomato chutney and fried chilly and alu poriyal, beans poriyal, kela poriyal, brinjal curry, avial, kalan, olan on the curry counter. And lastly gur rasagolla, sitabhog baked orange Baileys ice cream and gur ice cream for dessert. We like to think we appreciate art and artists but on Saturday night, the food won hands down.  

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