What it feels like to be Madonna

May 18, 2012, 06:56 IST | Ruchika Kher

At 53, Pop diva Madonna will give singers half her age, a run for their money. Now, the iconic, ageless entertainer is set for another world tour. Come May 29, Madge will kick off this much-anticipated tour in Tel Aviv. She will perform live in 26 European cities before blitzing over to North America in August � no mean feat, this. In an email interview with MiDDAY's Ruchika Kher, the Material Girl talks about MDNA, her recording experiences and most importantly, her impendin

Your last album Hard Candy was released in 2008; was it a conscious decision to return to the music scene after a long gap?
I had just completed the process of making a movie, which used a very different creative aptitude. Mostly, where I was coming from with MDNA was, I felt like an animal who was caged and wanting to be released. I wanted to get back to playing on my guitar, singing and making music.

Singer Madonna performs with Redfoo of LMFAO during the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 5, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Pics/Getty Images/AFP

MDNA is being appreciated worldwide, were you expecting this kind of acclaim from your 12th studio album?
I’m really happy that the album has been appreciated all over, and it feels great.

You have collaborated with younger artists like Nicki Minaj for this album. What was the experience like and why did you decide to collaborate with the current crop?
It’s been a very good experience working with Nicki and other young talented artists including M.I.A. The artists I have collaborated with have youthful energy, are full of life and are strong. When it comes to Nicki and MIA. Like I said, they are badass b*****s and cool to work with.

The album jacket of Madonna’s msot recent release, MDNA

Whenever you release an album, people have high expectations. Does that put extra burden on you? Do you feel pressured each time you step into a recording studio because of your iconic status?
I’m always apprehensive whenever I release an album and thinking of it coming after a gap of four years with an album does not make it any less nerve racking. The public’s response to my work does matter whether it’s my film or my album because I give it my best shot each time. 

15 The age since when Madonna continues to remain a vegetarian

5 fascinating facts about Madge
>> Madonna was actually the drummer at one time for New York based Pop group the Breakfast Club.
>>  Madonna has a new species of tardigrade named after her. The anthropod-type animals, also known as water bears, are often found living on mosses. They can survive in extreme conditions that would kill most other living species.
>> Madonna suffers from brontophobia, the fear of thunder.
>> Madonna had auditioned for the role of singer Rachel Marron opposite Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard that went to Whitney Houston, eventually. 
>>Gwen Steffani, Celine Dion and Mark Wahlberg are distantly related to Madonna, according to a study done on her ancestry.

Have you changed as an artist in all these years?
Yes, as an artist I have. The idea is to move forward and keep going with the aim to evolve as an artist. While you are on a journey, you’re trying to motivate yourself each time, trying to understand the nature of different things that come along your way; you are also striving to achieve your goals and also wanting to get close to the answers. There are times you don’t have all the answers but you know you are learning and growing as an artist and person and it's what you can hope for.

Which is your favourite (or the one that you hold closest) track from the album and why?
Gang Bang is my favourite song from the album. There are many layers to the song in terms of emotions and feelings — there’s sorrow, a broken heart and humour as well.

You have a huge fan following in India, one that spans generations; will you ever tour India in the near future?
I would love to tour India. If that opportunity comes my way, it’s definitely the one I’m not going to miss.

Future plans?
I’m going on tour and very busy with the preparations. I’m really looking forward to it. 

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