What makes Tusshar Kapoor angry?

Apr 20, 2012, 08:25 IST | Hiren Kotwani

The miffed actor moves court against director Samir Karnik for non-payment of dues

A rather friendly guy, it takes a lot to push Tusshar Kapoor up the wall.

Filmmaker Samir Karnik has apparently managed to miff Tusshar, so much so that the actor has now got his lawyer to file a case against him. Reason being the Char Din Ki Chandni director’s unwillingness to return the money he borrowed from Tusshar or clear his remuneration for the film.

The source also adds that the cheques the director had issued to the actor bounced, as there weren’t enough funds in his account.

Speaking about the money Karnik owes Tusshar, our source says, “During the making of the film, Samir borrowed about ` 1.70 crore from Tusshar, saying he would repay it after selling the film’s satellite rights. But eventually the actor acquired the rights and despite helping the director in good faith, found his trust betrayed.”

The source adds, “Samir claimed that the film cost about ` 15 crore to make, but it doesn’t look like he’s actually spent so much on it.”

“However, when Tusshar deposited the cheques, they bounced. And according to Samir’s bank, it was because of insufficient funds. Since Samir is taking things lightly, Tusshar has decided that he’s waited enough for his money,” summed up our source.

Karnik says: “I’ve cleared Tusshar’s payment and have his manager’s signature on the receipts. They haven’t deposited the cheques, so the question of them bouncing doesn’t arise.

And I’ve not taken any loan from him. In fact, he invested the money for his promotion. So I’m not liable to pay him that. I’ve cleared the payments of everyone who has worked on the film and have evidence for the same too. In fact, I’ve even informed CINTAA about this.” 

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