What Sachin Says...

Dec 24, 2012, 10:56 IST | A Correspondent

Here's what Tendulkar has said over the years about life and ODI cricket...

Somebody who was a good trier for the country and did a decent job for the country
— On how he would like to be remembered

Watch the ball, watch the ball
— To himself while batting

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Make me uncomfortable
— To a net bowler who apologised after hitting him on the arm

It’s only for the team’s sake that I cannot sleep
— During his first stint as captain

Only the fielding of Jonty Rhodes
— On being asked what he would like to incorporate in his game from his contemporaries

I did not feel any pressure
— After crossing the landmark of 10,000 ODI runs in 2001

It’s an honour to be named the best player, but I would have been happier if India had won title
— After India lost in the 2003 World Cup final

I requested both Azhar (captain) and Ajit Wadekar (coach), ‘just give me one opportunity. I’m very confident as in the first 15 overs I can play some big shots. I feel I'll be able to deliver. And if I fail I'll never ever come to you again’
— On how he became an opener for India in One-Day cricket during the 1993-94 tour of NZ. He scored 82 off 49 balls at auckland

I still don’t think I am comfortable with the limelight. You know I still feel embarrassed with TV cameras around me — On the media

I do not know a thing
— On being questioned about match fixing in the team

It was my mother who prompted me to go and attend the nation’s call
— On returning to the World Cup in England in 1999 after his father’s death

There are a few innings where I’ve really done well and where the team has won. In that respect the 2003 World Cup game against Pakistan was the biggest match of my life
— On the 2003 world cup match vs pakistan at centurion, south africa where he scored a match-winning 98

Cricket lives in my heart and whenever I’m on a cricket field I enjoy it, and somewhere there's still a 16-year-old hidden inside who wants to go out and express himself
— On his passion for the game which has kept him going since 1989

Life without cricket is unthinkable for me — On his future

- Compiled by Gulu Ezekiel/GE Features

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